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Observe. Realize. Reflect. Adjust. Decide.

About Me

Hello, my name is Milos Rakic. I am an expert in Behavioral Analysis, Investigative Interviewing and Deception Detection. I assist you on your journey: 'Learn how to clock people.'

Checking somebody's credibility might be one reason you landed on my homepage. So I will teach you about scientific knowledge, on 'How to get to the truth.' You are getting some detailed information about

- Emotions & Facial Expression

- Body language & Cultural Gestures

- Profile & Behavioural Analysis

- Credibility Analysis & Investigative Interviewing

- Negotiation skills & Emotional Intelligence

Let's start your journey with self-awareness, emotional intelligence and insights about some people. Those skills will help you in your private and professional life.

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3 Most Wanted Keynotes:

  • Deceptive Mimics - The truth is written in your face.
  • Mobbing. Never victim again!
  • Toxic Relationships - Should I stay or should I go.

Trainings in:

  • Emotions & Facial Expression
  • Body language
  • Profile & Behavioural Analysis
  • Credibility Analysis & Investigative Interviewing
  • Consulting for HR, Marketing and Sales.
  • Pre-Screening of A- & B-Listers

Observe. Realize. Reflect. Adjust. Decide.


Sandra Tomasevic, BSc MSc

Katrin Schipke


Marketing & PR

Elektro Kreutzpointner Austria GmbH - HR-Manager

Anja Stephan

Bildungskreis Handwerk e.V. Dortmund


'Milos was always different as a little kid and still is today. He can do what some of us can't. He SEES what the other person doesn't SAY. Poker face? Not with him. A pronounced knowledge of human nature has accompanied him for many years. As a certified behaviour profiler, he has a toolkit for seeing people's public faces. He loves the challenge - provocative and authentic.'

'A fantastic training on behaviour analysis. Focus on facial expressions and gestures. This knowledge can be used in many areas and enables you to understand and interpret your counterpart.

Practical and sympathetic, exciting examples and group work with an AHA effect!

Thanks for the valuable contribution - the day was too short for me - it calls for more.'

'I got to know him as a lecturer in my coaching training to become a Mobbingfrei-Coach.

He is someone who looks behind the facade. His knowledge of behaviour analysis and skills is a huge asset for this training. Yes, I appreciate his approach of not letting anyone stand for incompetence, even after the 735 questions. He presents the training in such a way that everybody follows him.'


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